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Recap: Quaker Social Change Ministry

On Sept. 21, AFSC hosted a webinar on Quaker Social Change Ministry (QSCM)—a model for congregations and other groups to incorporate spirtual practice into their work for social change while following the leadership of those most affected by injustice.

In this webinar, we discussed ways to practice the kind of community we are seeking to create in the broader world with a small group—one based on close-knit sharing, vulnerability, and accountability to the communities we wish to support. Speakers included Lucy Duncan, AFSC director of Friends Relations, and Gabriela Flora, AFSC Colorado area program director.

The webinar was a first in our free Sanctuary Everywhere Live! webinar series, which provides resources to communities working to create safer, more welcoming spaces for all.

Introduction to Quaker social change ministry and a poem to demonstrate some of the spiritual practice 

The spiritual roots of Quaker social change ministry

The goals and origins of Quaker social change ministry as a model

Creating shared agreements or a covenant for your Quaker social change ministry group

Outline for a Quaker social change ministry meeting - the 1st hour

Accompaniment: "Our liberation is bound together"

Tenets of accompanying for social change

Watch the full webinar