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Quiz: Guess who?

Photo: Columbia GSAPP/Creative Commons: / AFSC

Name the prominent figure who worked or volunteered with AFSC.

Research by Don Davis, AFSC archivist 

1. Thirty years after founding Hull House, this pioneer social worker traveled to Germany in 1919 under the auspices of AFSC to assess the needs of the country and its children after World War I.

2. This U.S. senator from Vermont was a University of Chicago student when he joined an AFSC summer work camp that placed volunteers as attendants in mental health facilities and other state institutions.

3. From 1953 to 1954, he worked as a community organizer with AFSC in San Francisco, helping to register Mexican-Americans to vote and speaking out about workers’ rights. He would go on to head the United Farm Workers, which AFSC also supported.

4. Before becoming the first African-American woman elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, she worked for AFSC’s Interracial Section in the 1920s. She gave numerous speeches to primarily white audiences across the U.S., hoping to “lift the curtain that separates the white people and the colored people, to lift the curtain of misunderstanding that is so dividing us.”

5. This Grammy-award winner blues singer volunteered with AFSC in Indiana for a high school community service project in 1967. Project volunteers went door-to-door, surveying residents in lower-income neighborhoods to inform decisions around integrated housing.

6. Author of “The Berlin Stories,” he served in 1942 as an assistant director in AFSC’s Cooperating College Workshop at Haverford College, which trained foreign scholars and teachers on American teaching methods and helped orient them to life in the U.S.

7. This political activist’s relationship with AFSC began in high school. When her Alabama school closed in response to efforts to integrate schools after Brown v. Board of Education, AFSC provided her scholarship money to attend the integrated Elizabeth Irwin School in New York City and found a family to host her.



1) Jane Addams, 2) Bernie Sanders, 3) Cesar Chavez, 4) Crystal Bird Fauset, 5) Bonnie Raitt, 6) Christopher Isherwood, 7) Angela Davis.

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