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Policy informed by community experience

Promoting AFSC’s views on immigration reform in D.C.
AFSC Program Coordinator Herman Martinez and Raquel Guerricagoitia, Deputy Director of the Carecen Latino Resource and Justice Center, promote AFSC’s views on immigration reform in the Hart Senate Building in Washington, D.C. Photo: Bryan Vana / AFSC

AFSC works on many levels to build peace—with communities and with institutions that can effect systemic change. Our Office of Public Policy and Advocacy in Washington, D.C., the Quaker United Nations Office in New York, and a worldwide Dialogue and Exchange Program create opportunities for community voices to be heard by those shaping policy.

Office of Public Policy and Advocacy

AFSC’s Office of Public Policy and Advocacy partnered with the Friends Committee on National Legislation this year to articulate a Quaker vision for U.S. foreign policy grounded in our shared security as a global community. AFSC worked with dozens of partners to bring the shared security frame into advocacy efforts on Syria, Israel-Palestine, North Korea (DPRK), Somalia, and the U.S.-Mexico border, and even applied it effectively to domestic concerns such as immigration, criminal justice, and economic policies.

Quaker United Nations Office

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) brought community voices into high level meetings at the United Nations in 2013, from U.N. consultations on Burundi and West Africa to a conference in Beijing on U.N. approaches to peace in Africa. QUNO staff also briefed policymakers in Monrovia, Liberia; Paris; Washington, D.C.; and New York on the role of peace and stability in sustainable development and provided conflict prevention expertise to a working group of the Security Council.

Dialogue and Exchange Program

AFSC’s Dialogue and Exchange Program sponsored 193 participants and brought together people from 30 countries to share perspectives on common concerns. One participant said, “I have never before had a chance to sit down together with Western, African, and senior Chinese stakeholders along with U.N. officials to talk about these [peace-building] issues,” another that “without AFSC’s assistance, we could have spent half a year here and not gained such a deep understanding of efforts to build peace [in Liberia].”

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