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Peace: Guilford College students design peace mural

AFSC interns organized Paint for Peace in Greensboro, Spring 2010. Photo: AFSC

As part of its commitment to seeing peace in Afghanistan and the Middle East, AFSC launched the Paint for Peace project in the Spring of 2010.  In Greensboro, Guilford College interns from the Center for Principled Problem Solving helped put together four murals for the national project.  The interns prepared four panels.  The majority of the painting took place at Guilford College during our community paint day. The day was spent at Guilford College painting murals with the Guilford College community, AFSC, the Pilgrims for Peace and Justice and the Dream Walkers. The AFSC interns designed four murals that depicted poignant portraits of Afghan civilians. Each mural was prepared by creating a “paint-by-number” instruction set. The day went smoothly with about 15 pilgrims walking through and 50 Guilford College community members cycling in throughout the day.

The Paint for Peace mural opening was held in the Carnegie Room of the Hege Library on the Guilford College campus on April 16th. The event attracted many people from the Guilford College community. Now that the murals are complete and ready to be submitted to the traveling national exhibit, they will be sent to the AFSC Chicago office to join 36 other murals. These 40 murals will travel around the United States in a portable exhibition that will raise awareness of the civilian cost of war in Afghanistan.            

The Paint for Peace project was a perfect example of the great opportunities AFSC offers to its interns to lead campaigns. The AFSC Spring 2010 interns were given the chance to learn how the organization runs while taking part in a large national project. The Paint for Peace project showed the power of the AFSC community to come together and accomplish wonderful actions.

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