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NO DRONES – Days of Actions in Des Moines

Drones vigil in Des Moines 11-16-13
From left, Mary Caponi joins the Grim Reapers, Tom Krause and Renee Larsen in protesting against drones outside the Iowa Air National Guard base in Des Moines on November 16, 2013. The base is being converted to a drone operation center. Photo: Kathleen McQuillen / AFSC

Several peace organizations in Iowa responded to the call for November Days of Action Against Drones with a demonstration and congressional office visits.

On Saturday, November 16, 2013, people gathered at a busy intersection leading to the Iowa Air National Guard base carrying model reaper drones and signs demanding an end to drone warfare; the Grim Reaper, who loves drones, was also in attentance.

Representatives from AFSC, Methodist Federation for Social Action, and the Catholic Peace Ministry were joined by a Veterans for Peace contingent from Cedar Rapids.

Given that the Iowa air base is being prepared as a drones operation center, Iowans have a special responsibility to speak out against this weapon of terror. While putting a bulls-eye on individuals in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, drones may also be putting a bulls-eye on Iowa as the initiating site of some of the drones killing.

The message against drones was personally delivered to the offices of Senators Harkin and Grassley and Rep. Latham on the following Monday, November 18. Representatives from AFSC, MFSA and CPM presented copies of letters sent to President Obama by leaders of national faith-based organizations and petitions signed by Iowa constituents to Congress.

As a result of this AFSC opinion piece on drones, three bishops in Iowa have signed on to the anti-drones letter.

The Iowa campaign is building. Please join us by contacting the AFSC Iowa office. Start now by printing this petition, collecting signatures, and returning them to AFSC, 4211 Grand Ave. Des Moines, IA 50312.

For more information, contact Kathleen McQuillen.