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On Ninth Anniversary of Iraq War

Photo: AFSC

The Kansas City AFSC did not let the ninth anniversary of the Iraq war pass without action. Though many would like the failures and tragedies of the war to pass unnoticed, KC AFSC instead worked to make the anniversary an opportunity to reflect and learn lessons so we do not repeat the horrors of the past.

Toward this end we organized the Legacies of the Iraq War - Lessons for U.S.'s Iran Policy community forum which featured a panel consisting of two veterans, an economics professor,  international studies professor and an Iranian graduate student. The presenters shared personal experiences and moving perspectives about the impact the war has had on U.S. soldiers, Iraqi citizens, our economy and our standing in the world. They also provided a view from the Iranian perspective and the politics surrounding U.S. / Iran relations.

The event was very well received with one attendee emailing afterwards that it was the best forum she had ever attended. Click this link to read more and to see video of the program.

AFSC KC Program coordinator, Ira Harritt, submitted an op ed to the Kansas City Star, Legacies of the Iraq War: Lessons for U.S. Policy toward Iran, Syria, Yemen which was published online. Click this link to read the column.