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A new red line for Syria won't solve the problem

Download this graphic and use it on social media. Photo: AFSC

The news from Washington is encouraging: There are multilateral diplomatic efforts at play to resolve the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, and President Obama and Congress are heeding our calls to participate. Diplomacy, our experience has shown, is the only way to end wars and violence. 

Media reports and polling make it clear that the majority of the U.S. public is against military intervention in Syria, and that members of Congress have been listening carefully to their constituents.

We need to keep the pressure on.

Congress needs to hear that we support these diplomatic measures, but even if the current diplomatic initiative on the table falls through, the U.S. must press on diplomatically. There is no military solution to this crisis.

Join AFSC and our national allies in renewing our clear opposition to any authorization of force in Syria by using this toll free number to call Congress: 1-855-686-6927

What to say to Congress

I oppose any U.S. military action in Syria and any authorization of force—even if the current attempts at diplomacy do not work.

Instead, I support:

  • An arms embargo to all parties to the conflict
  • Vigorous diplomatic efforts for an inclusive political solution
  • Increased commitment to addressing the appalling humanitarian crisis
  • Full support for a process to secure international oversight of all chemical weapons in Syria

These inclusive steps—not more violence—are what’s needed to stem the bloodshed and begin to bring an end to this brutal war.