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NC Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund

NC Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund

Published: September 15, 2017

AFSC and our grassroots group Siembra are partnering with the Interactive Resource Center of Greensboro to support immigrants in the Triad facing immediate crisis situations, often resulting from detention or deportation of a family member. 100% of the donations go directly to families/ individuals in need. Click here to donate!

Why is this fund necessary?

immigrant detentions continue to rise across North Carolina and the nation, AFSC staff in Greensboro are supporting immigrant families in a number of ways as capacity allows, including: referring people to reputable attorneys and other services as needed, accompanying individuals to court, supporting campaigns to end detentions and deportations, ensuring that immigrants know their rights, preparing families in case of an immigration emergency, and providing limited financial support.

Established in 2017 as ICE detentions increased over 70% over 2016 levels, the Immigrant Crisis Fund provides quick, small subsidies to immigrants in the Triad who are experiencing a financial crisis caused by ICE detention or a related enforcement action. AFSC staff conduct intake interviews with potential beneficiaries, and first refer family members to local agencies who are better suited to providing immediate assistance. Often, local families in crisis situations cannot find fast funding for legal expenses, and sometimes have housing or other unplanned emergency expenses that local agencies cannot cover. For these families with no other option, the crisis fund is a lifeline. 

The fund is held by the Interactive Resource Center, and is administered by a team of AFSC staff and other local immigrant advocates. Click here to donate to the fund.  We are committed to transparency about fund administration and disbursements, though we keep individual names confidential.  For more information, please contact