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NC actions opposing Arizona Law

Arizona arrests Lady Liberty in Charlotte, NC street theater performance Photo: Courtesy of Glenn Hutchinson

NC protests Arizona’s racial profiling bill SB 1070 on July 29

North Carolinians stepped up to express their opposition to Arizona’s racial profiling law on July 29, the day that controversial SB 1070 was set to be implemented.  AFSC supported actions in three NC cities: Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh. Read on for descriptions and press coverage of each event.

These actions went forward despite a last minute injunction on several key clauses in the law by a federal judge. Read a summary of the changes from our friends at the National Immigration Law Center here.

Charlotte: Can Lady Liberty Save Us from SB 1070?

Volunteers from Charlotte’s Immigrant Solidarity Committee (ISC) and other groups held what was surely the most creative protest to SB 1070 in North Carolina. The street theater performance “Can Lady Liberty Save Us from SB 1070?” was performed several times in the lead up to the July 29 uptown rally, including at Sen. Kay Hagan’s office, Rep. Sue Myrick’s office, and busy neighborhood centers. In the final rally uptown on the day SB 1070 was scheduled to be implemented, around 100 people attended in the blazing heat, for a slightly re-written version to accommodate the injunction placed on parts of the law by a federal judge.  ISC member Glenn Hutchinson wrote and directed the play, which got excellent press coverage. See the performance in the YouTube clips below.

 Press links compiled by Glenn Hutchinson







Greensboro: UUs “Stand on the Side of Love”

In Greensboro, Steve Pearsall, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro, consulted with AFSC staff when he decided to plan a small vigil to protest the Arizona law. Despite last minute plans, heavy rain, and the changes in the law, fifteen people still showed up to express their support for immigrants and their opposition to SB 1070 and any copycat attempts in NC.

Greensboro News and Record:

News 14 Carolinas coverage: (Richard Kohn / Steve Pearsall names reversed)

News 2:


The Masses Turn Out in Raleigh

Hundreds of protestors converged on Nash Square in downtown Raleigh to express opposition to the Arizona law in the largest July 29 gathering in the state. The march was organized by NC ICE Watch, a statewide watchdog coalition group, of which AFSC-NC is a member.  “We came out in solidarity with the people of Arizona but also to raise awareness of what’s going on here in North Carolina and throughout the country with 287g and Secure Communities. We wanted to say No to racial profiling in our communities,” Fernando Mejia of the NC Justice Center told AFSC about the event.

ABC 11


 Lead up to the march: