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Migrant Caravan News


On Dec. 10, more than 400 clergy and people of faith took part in a powerful nonviolent direct action at the border in San Diego. The action was covered in more than 1700 stories in TV, print, radio, and web in the U.S., Mexico, and as far away as Israel. 

The action was part of our nationwide week of action, "Love Knows No Borders: A moral call for migrant justice." 

Here is a sampling of stories:

U.S. arrests 32 at San Diego border demonstration (AP News) 

U.S. arrests religious leaders, activists at border protest (Reuters) 

Faith leaders to U.S. authorities: Migrants have international right to U.S. asylum (NBC News) 

Why Were These Interfaith Leaders Arrested at the U.S.-Mexico Border? (The Nation) 

I Walked Right Up to Militarized Police at the Border (Yes Magazine) 

Rabbi arrested at interfaith border protest for migrants (The Jerusalem Post)

Religious Leaders Have Standoff with Armed Border Patrol (NowThis Politics) 

Dying to get through the U.S.-Mexico border (Unreported World) 

U.S. arrests faith leader activists who get too close to Mexico border (The Sun) 

32 Arrested at a Demonstration Near the Mexico Border in Support of Migrant Caravan (Time) 

U.S. arrests 32 at San Diego border demonstration (ABC News) 

'Courageous action is necessary': 30 faith leaders arrested at border in support of asylum seekers (Daily Kos) 

Religious leaders arrested at U.S. border as Christians, Muslims, and Jews unite to protest migrant detention (Newsweek) 

Quakers lead rally of 200 religious leaders for immigrants at the border (The Hill) 

Dozens arrested during protest at U.S.-Mexico border (Daily News) 

Border Patrol Arrests 32 At San Diego Demonstration (KPBS) 

'Not Your Average Demonstration': Faith Leaders Arrested Demanding Demilitarization of U.S. Border (Common Dreams) 

California: Faith Leaders Arrested at Gathering to Support Migrants (Democracy Now) 

Dozens of faith leaders arrested at San Diego 'Love Knows No Borders' protest (Fox News) 

Ferment at the frontier shows a chasm within America’s world of faith (The Economist) 

This holiday season, I'm standing with migrants (OtherWords) 

32 faith leaders arrested in border demonstration (San Diego Tribune) 

Quakers, Rabbis, Imams Protest For Migrant Rights Because ‘Love Knows No Borders’ (Huffington Post) 

Boise faith leaders take part in peaceful protest at border (7 KTVB) 

Vigil held in Fells Point in solidarity for migrants seeking U.S. asylum (WBALTV 11) 

Border security (Tribune Content Agency) 

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