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A Midwest Quaker on life and service with AFSC

Abbey Pratt-Harrington
Abbey Pratt-Harrington, right, talks with AFSC staff Jennifer Bing and Executive Committee member Paul Ricketts. Photo: Jon Krieg / AFSC

Abbey Pratt-Harrington serves on AFSC's Midwest Regional Executive Committee and the regional Friends Relations Committee. In this interview, she describes her life and the values that motivate her. Below is a portion.

What motivates me to be involved in peace and justice work? I’ve never come up with a specific answer other than it’s just such a part of who I am. And maybe it’s because I grew up in Quakerism, in a very liberal place that’s always believed there has to be another way.

That’s been ingrained in my DNA to a certain degree. Studying wars, and what makes wars, why is there inequality, why is there injustice? I have to believe there’s a way we can all be equal and all live well together.

And there’s not necessarily an easy path or road, but you have to work towards it because if you’re not working for it, you’re perpetuating the system to a certain degree.

I don’t know if I’m as much of an activist as I used to be, and maybe it’s just the time in my life, but it’s always been some part of myself. I’ve found that if I’m not doing something, then it feels like something is missing – there’s some part of my life that is lacking and needs to be there.

So I think overall it’s my Quakerism, it’s who I am as a person, and this belief that we can all live in the world well together and there has to be a better way.

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