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Meet our NATO/G8 interns!

Photo: AFSC

This spring, AFSC Chicago brought in two new interns to work in collaboration with staff members and local area high school students to help educate, organize and team up with the community of Chicago for the upcoming NATO Summit in May.  They have been working on:

- Creating a mural to hang on the side of Grace Place, to prepare for all of the foot traffic that we'll be getting in May.  The mural will be based off of original artwork by Raul Vasquez, a student from Rudy Lozano high school.
- Creating educational materials about the G8 and NATO.  Though there's much discussion around the city about the costs of the NATO summit, and the excessive costs of CPD amping up their 'security' forces, there seems to be an information gap about what NATO actually does in the world and why their policies are so harmful.

 - Working with Rudy Lozano high school students to educate other young people about the G8 and NATO, by presenting at local high schools. 

- Conducting on-the-street interviews to see how Chicagoans feel about NATO bringing their summit to our city, and to find out what people know and what to know about these global players.

- Teaming up with other organizations to offer a series of non-violence trainings in the weeks leading up to the summit.  

- Working with Network for a NATO Free World to organize a counter-summit, where people can build analysis and explore alternatives to a G8 and NATO dominated world.


Debbie Southorn: "Working with AFSC as a NATO/G8 intern this Spring has been an educational and inspiring experience.  While NATO and the G8 operate in the global arena on a scale that's difficult to grasp, their policies and practices also affect our lives every day, and connect to the systems of structural inequality and institutionalized violence that operate here in the US.  By grappling with the impacts of globalization and militarism in my own life, in Chicago and around the world, I've learned how to constantly zoom the lens in and out.  I've appreciated how AFSC makes a point to connect the protests to long-term struggles in this city, lead by people of color and the working class, that will continue to take place long after NATO has come and gone. I look forward to sharing the educational materials we've created and connecting with others in Chicago, as we continue the struggle for equality, peace, justice and democracy this May."

Barbara Moreno: "What I like about interning at AFSC the most is that it not only allows me to put into practice everything I learned from being a Political Science  major at Boston University, but I am also constantly learning about the ever-changing world around me."


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