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Medicaid expansion in West Virginia

Heather Miller and her son, Tyler, joined the campaign to expand Medicaid benefits. As a result of the expansion, Heather and her husband, who had no health insurance in 2013, are now covered by Medicaid. Photo: Beth Spence / AFSC

It’s rare that West Virginia leads the nation in any measure of social well-being, but the state has expanded Medicaid to cover a higher percentage of its citizens than any other state.

AFSC’s West Virginia Economic Justice (WVEJ) program was part of a broad coalition that encouraged Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to expand Medicaid, which now serves more than 134,000 West Virginians.

If you add in the state exchange and those who gained access to existing programs through new outreach efforts, at least 63 percent of previously uninsured West Virginians now have health insurance, the greatest reduction of any state in the country.

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