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May Day is for immigrants, too

By Gabriel Camacho and Arnie Alpert, Special to CNN

Imagine that you have made it to the United States from a country where economic opportunities are absent. You've found work in a laundry, a restaurant kitchen, a nursing home, or on a construction site. The pay is low by U.S. standards, but you save enough to send some every month to your family back home.

Every day you put up with hazards and harassment, knowing that if you raise your voice in protest you risk, not only getting fired, but getting reported and deported. Some weeks you don't get paid at all, but you keep your mouth shut and live with the abuse.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant families across the country live this each day. Now, as Congress considers sweeping changes to a broken immigration system, we must press the case for a more humane approach to immigration -- and protections for all workers, immigrant and native-born alike.

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