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Make Sanctuary Everywhere in Colorado

Sanctuary Everywhere march in Philadelphia Photo: Jeff Fazio / Jeff Fazio

Join our effort to provide Colorado residents with the information they need to protect their families and friends from immigration enforcement activities. 

The following materials are perfect for health centers, recreation centers, medical centers, classrooms and libraries. Just print and deliver them! 

• “We All Belong Here” poster and the companion curriculum

Know Your Rights booklets in Spanish & English

A Family Preparedness Plan in Spanish & English, inspired by Fuerza Latina and updated by CIRC

Colorado Rapid Response Network outreach materials in Spanish & English

• Bilingual Not 1 More Deportation Table Flyer

• “Questions for the Immigration Lawyer” in Spanish & English

Sanctuary Everywhere is the simple idea that everyday people can work together to keep each other safe. Sanctuary can mean taking someone into a congregation to protect them from deportation, but more broadly, it's about the community coming together to protect targeted communities from state violence—including immigrants, people of color, Muslims and other targeted religious groups, or LGBTQ people. 

Join us to create safe, inclusive spaces; dismantle the school-to-prison-pipeline; and become more effective allies. 

We hope to equip thousands of people with tools and training to stop hateful acts and to encourage policies and practices that promote safety and inclusion.