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Letter to NE Ohio Federal Elected Officials on Syria

Photo: AFSC

5. September. 2013

Letter to Northeast Ohio Federal Elected Officials,

We do not support military action against Syria. Please oppose any such action. 

The United States cannot afford yet another illegal and immoral war.

U.S. military intervention will only increase the bloodshed in Syria. It also risks further escalating the civil war.

An estimated 100,000 people have been killed and millions have been displaced. Immediate action does need to be taken.

Instead of launching a deadly strike on Syria, however, the United States should press all outside parties for a full blockade of arms, and vigorously support the political process — involving joint United Nations/Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi — and a rapid convening of a Geneva II peace conference with all involved actors. Collective, not unilateral, action is called for.

This is the only path to justice and peace, no matter how difficult. It would underscore the intentions of the US as being an agent of peace and justice instead of launching yet another military action (be it war, occupation and/or drone strike) in the Middle East.

The American Friends Service Committee’s vision of reorienting U.S. foreign policy away from war and toward shared security—with cooperative strategies for shared solutions—is in some respects a long-term proposition. The US has a clear opportunity right now in Syria, however, to move in this precise direction.

An attack on Syria, with or without Security Council support, will only increase violence and deepen regional divisions. It also risks a much wider US military, human and economic commitment – which our nation simply cannot afford.

There are non-military alternatives to a military attack on Syria. They should be assertively and completely pursued. The Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), representing over 5000 supporters in this region, hope you will be a powerful voice for just such alternatives.


Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee


Images from Akron and Cleveland protests can be seen here: