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La Migra!

It was June 12, 2007 at 10 in the morning.  I had just started to work when I heard a scream "La Migra!!"  I remember a lot that day, such as when Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrived at the Del Monte plant, we ran.  We were all frightened and crying, and then we were handcuffed.  All of us started to get on the buses.

This was my third month of work.  I was taken in custody as if I had committed a crime.  We were taken to the detention center in Tacoma, WA.  Days passed without knowing what will happen to us.  Days later, I realized what was happening with our people.

Within days of our release, we began to form the Committee for Solidarity and Mutual Support (CSAM), which was supported by the AFSC, and continues to be to this day.  We learned our rights.  Now we are working for immigration reform and to remove blinders for those who think we are bad people.  Now we teach the community to know their rights.  I learned a lot--thanks to AFSC.  ...My voice will resound and reach all those who do not like us.  Now I know I can shout Si se puede!"

As told by Zaida V.

To learn more about the women of CSAM, watch her story.


For me, the raid left a scar on my soul.  I remember when I was in the Tacoma Detention Center.  There was huge fear--I thought a lot and wondered what would hapen to me, my family, my children.  You have taught me many things...I was a victim and how I'm a promoter of human rights.  All thanks to AFSC."

As told by Delfina H.