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Join a BDS campaign

Demonstrators hold sign: Raise your voices against all oppression

Thank you for keeping pressure on our legislators by demanding that they support those working for a just and lasting peace. Please take a moment to ask your friends to join you in calling on Congress to support a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As we do this important advocacy work, grassroots boycott and divestment campaigns continue to grow.

Nonviolently pushing for change

For two weeks in June, Palestinian political activist Abir Kopty toured the U.S. with support from AFSC, talking about her work as a leader in the nonviolent popular resistance movement in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Abir, like many others, has been discouraged by the inability of the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli government, and U.S. officials to take political actions that move forward efforts to realize a just and lasting peace.

However, rather than letting political stagnation and the resulting entrenchment of the occupation lead to cynicism and political inaction, Abir and other peace activists have taken it upon themselves to push for change and the realization of Palestinian rights.

U.S. activists answer call for support

In the U.S., activists are also frustrated by our government’s policies toward Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, but Palestinian activists including Abir are appealing for our support: 

"…while world leaders are still far from taking serious action, popular movements in many countries provide precious support for persecuted Palestinians. One of the most crucial elements of this worldwide movement is the BDS campaign."

You can join the growing BDS movement by supporting a BDS campaign. Here are two options that AFSC works with: 

  • The We Divest Campaign asks investment giant TIAA-CREF to divest from companies that support Israel’s occupation or violations of international law. 
  • The Interfaith SodaStream Boycott calls for a boycott of SodaStream due to the location of its production facilities in an illegal Israeli settlement. 

Monthly e-newsletter to focus on Palestine and Israel

As a part of our new e-newsletter, we will be sending out action alerts each month. These alerts will contain two parts: information about BDS campaigns or other grassroots actions that you can join or support, and an action you can take targeting Congress.

In the coming year, AFSC and many other organizations will be sending out action alerts every third Thursday, so that members of Congress hear consistently that their constituents support a just peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. This is the first of these monthly alerts.

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