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The jet that ate the Pentagon

As Congress continues to make budget decisions that favor military spending over human needs, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Brave New Films, and a politically diverse group of organizations have come together as a coalition to shine a light on this poster child of Pentagon waste.


In 2014 taxpayers in the U.S. will pay $8.45 billion for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft, although this plane has a history of being overdue, over-budget, and grounded. The cost of just one year of this program could fund the $8 billion the Senate just cut from food assistance to low-income people over ten years.  Where would you rather your tax dollars went?


Tell Congress to stop wasting money on this corporate boondoggle. Take a look at this video and share the link through your social media networks—we want to spread the word about this bad deal.  


After you watch we hope you'll be moved to take action and Email Congress to say "Stop the F-35 program today!"


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