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Iowans say no to war with Syria

Syria vigil in Des Moines 8-28-13
Iowans gather to say "No!" to a potential U.S. war against Syria. Photo: Michael Gillespie / AFSC

Bombing is more likely to escalate violence,
US Government should spend the money at home  

DES MOINES - (CPM news services, 8-28-13) A handful of Iowans, including several AFSC staff and supporters, heeded a call by Catholic Peace Ministry Wednesday afternoon to vigil at the corner of 42nd and Grand Avenue to send a message in opposition to U.S. military engagement in Syria.

"Other than escalating the violence in an unknown direction, cruise missiles and more war are not going to bring any healing; we've been calling for diplomacy and alternatives short of military for decades, not only in Syria but the entire region" said Jeffrey J. Weiss of the Catholic Peace Ministry. Weiss is a former peace education director for AFSC in Iowa.

"The money that is spent on these military operations and their possible escalation could better be spent on the social needs of the citizens of the United States, who rank 40th in the world tied with Cuba for life expectancy."

This is also another example, the group noted, where the non-involvement of the U.S. at the International Criminal Court has consequences; there can be no threat leveled to any head of state no matter their crimes unless a UN Security Council resolution is passed, an impossibility in this case (because the Russian Federation and China would not vote in favor).

Public opinion polls in the U.S. show only 9 percent of the population in favor of bombing Syria, even lower than approval for the legislative branch (Senate and US House). 

There will be a community-wide call to attend a candlelight vigil at 8 p.m. next Wedesday evening, September 4 at Nollen Peace Plaza in downtown Des Moines. Stay tuned for details or contact or

For more information:

Video of the vigil produced by Rodger Routh, CPM board member

Understanding the Crisis in Syria, a talk given by Jeffrey Weiss at the end of 2012

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