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Introducing Youth Empowerment Program Director Farajii Muhammad

Baltimore's new Youth Empowerment director Farajii Muhammad Photo: Bryan Vana / AFSC

Since 1999, Farajii Muhammad has been working in the youth development field. As co-founder, president and spokesman for the youth-governed organization, New Light Leadership Coalition (now New Learninig Leadership Center) he often worked to develop young leaders, connect youth to resources, and bridge the gap between youth and local government. Plus, as a social entrepreneur, Farajii has used his passion for young people to stand as a voice for youth, advocate for their concerns, and an example of a leader and community servant.

This work has led him to serve in many avenues including speaking at community and national events, presenting workshops at conferences across the country, and consulting with community organizers, young leaders, and political figures. Finally, since 2005, Farajii has been making his mark in broadcasting by using his radio show “Listen Up!” that airs on public radio 88.9 WEAA FM (Morgan State University), as a medium to empower, inform and uplift the consciousness of the next generation of leaders.

Presently, Farajii joined the AFSC team in August 2014 to serve as the Youth Empowerment Coordinator for Baltimore. He has already started using all of his experiences, skills and resources to develop the Young Leaders for Peace (YLP) Coalition. YLP will serve as a means and platform that will encourage the mobilizing and organizing of young leaders to strategically address pressing social justice issues facing themselves, their peers and their communities.  Farajii Muhammad can be reached by phone at (240) 707-0384 and by email at

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