The situation in Okinawa remains dynamic. We need your support to reinforce Okinawans democratically expressed will: No New Bases!  Please sign our petition to prevent the construction of a new Marine Air Base at Henoko and to close “the most dangerous base in the world”, Futenma.

Polls show that 72.4% of Okinawans remain opposed to building yet another base in Okinawa, and Nago’s anti-base mayor was just re-elected.

BUT, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and the Obama Administration remain committed to building the base in Henoko, a district of Nago and have opened bids for construction contracts.

Please see our international statement opposing the construction of the Henoko base, recently endorsed by peace studies pioneer Johan Galtung, anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott, biologist broadcaster David Suzuki, political scientist Karel van Wolferen, and Pulitzer-prize winning historian Martin Sherwin and others.

And  please sign and share our petition