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Human Rights Week of Action Blog Series: Post 2

Photo: UNA-NCA

December 10th will mark DC's 10th anniversary as a Human Rights City. In honor of this important milestone, AFSC DC is planning a Human Rights Week of Action December 10-14. This week will begin on International Human Rights Day (December 10) and conclude with a community open house at ONE DC's Black Workers and Wellness Center on Friday, December 14. This blog series is a part of AFSC DC's Human Rights Week of Action.

Author: Katy Deleon, UN Association of the National Capital Area

What living in a Human Rights City means to me

To me, living in a Human Rights City means that I am able to continue on fighting for women’s rights and carry on the legacy that all the amazing women have left before me.

Two of my biggest role models are my grandmothers. As I grew older and grew closer to them, I was able to hear both of their incredible stories. They both worked hard to get not only bachelor’s degrees but also master’s degrees in a time when it was uncommon for women to pursue these degrees. They had to fight against the wishes of their own families, but they did it so that their families could have a better future. And they did not stop there.

During their careers, they pursued women’s rights in peaceful and empowering ways. As two teachers in Texas they knew that they had a long fight ahead of them, so they took small steps. They gathered groups of teachers in their schools to fight for things like better toilet paper and higher wages for female teachers. These might be small steps but they very important steps on the path towards women’s rights. They showed the other teachers that they can make a difference if they work together and stand up for themselves. These acts helped to empower the other teachers to make a difference and continue to do so as they moved forward in their careers.

I am proud that I am able to continue on with this legacy and continue to peacefully fight for women’s rights. I will always love Texas, but I moved to DC so that I could learn from a city that has deeply committed itself and its people to fight for Human Rights. It is my goal to pursue this through the field of Public Health, knowing that health is a universal human right. Living here in DC makes this dream even more possible.

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