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Human Rights Week of Action Blog Series: Post 1

Participants at AFSC's 5th annual Human Rights Summit in Washington, D.C. Photo: / AFSC

December 10th will mark DC's 10th anniversary as a Human Rights City. In honor of this important milestone, AFSC DC is planning a Human Rights Week of Action December 10-14. This week will begin on International Human Rights Day (December 10) and conclude with a community open house at ONE DC's Black Workers and Wellness Center on Friday, December 14. This blog series is a part of AFSC DC's Human Rights Week of Action. 

Author: Ina Padua is an Organizer with DC Jobs with Justice

I had not known that DC was made a Human Rights City eight years ago before I moved here this past June. I had no idea what it meant. According to the People's Movement for Human Rights Learning.

A Human Rights City is a city or a community where people of good will, in government, in organizations and in institutions, try and let a human rights framework guide the development of the life of the community. Equality and nondiscrimination are basic values. Efforts are made to promote a holistic vision of human rights to overcome fear and impoverishment, a society that provides human security, access to food, clean water, housing, education, healthcare and work at livable wages, sharing these resources with all citizensnot as a gift, but as a realization of human rights.”

Through working at DC Jobs with Justice I have been able to see this type of framework be implemented. To me, that looks like community, youth, labor and faith groups working together for collective justice and causes. When we think of human rights, we think of housing security for all, access to food, living wages, healthcare and community and workplace safety. Through working with people who care about what happens to members in their communities I have been able to see what it means to be part of a Human Rights City.