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Honoring South Region supporters Marjorie Scott & John Michener

Honoring South Region supporters Marjorie Scott & John Michener

Published: April 10, 2018
Photo provided by family of Marjorie Scott
Photo provided by family of John Michener

Marjorie Forbush Scott passed away in February. She was a much loved member of the AFSC family.

Marjorie worked for the AFSC out of the Baltimore, Maryland office starting in 1969 as an administrative assistant and eventually served eight years as the executive secretary, finishing in 1986. Long before and after she was an employee of the AFSC, Marjorie was an active volunteer, supporter and advocate.

From helping to place Prince Edward County, Virginia pupils in schools outside of the state after public schools were closed in opposition to integration, to her work for affirmative action in Maryland, Marjorie was always admired and celebrated for her dedication to human rights.

Thank you Marjorie for your tremendous commitment to peace and justice, and the Quaker values which continue to drive our work in the South Region today.

John Michener also passed away in February.  He grew up with the AFSC because his mother was a peace activist dedicated to our work.

John was a conscientious objector during World War II and joined the Civilian Public Service Program where he worked both in North Dakota and in the Smoky Mountains.

From his participation in a Congress on Racial Equity (CORE) sit-in at the University of Kansas in 1946 to his work on the Affirmative Action Committee at the AFSC, John was dedicated to improving relations between racial and ethnic groups and recognizing the Divine in every person.

John’s contributions to the AFSC were many so we will not list them all; but we will say thank you for your wonderful work and dedication to peace and justice!

- AFSC South Region Staff