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Honoring Ann Lennon

AFSC South Region associate director Ann Lennon Photo: Bryan Vana / AFSC

In April 2017, South Region associate regional director Ann Lennon will retire from the AFSC after more than 20 years of service as a programatic and administrative staff member

Lennon’s time as director of the Orita program in High Point, NC from the 1990s through the early 2000s showed her commitment to creating opportunities for at-risk youth, a consistent focus throughout her career.

Orita, an African word which means ‘crossroads,’ represented the change in direction the program offered for young people who wanted to pursue community building and leadership roles through assisting underpriveleged students.

In her own words, Lennon’s goal was to empower interns to “become better equipped to work for progressive social change,” and to realize their potential as essential components of the projects Orita developed.

But Lennon’s work has reached far beyond North Carolina—across the world to Africa and Asia, where she participated in work benefitting communities in Rwanda, Zambia and Indonesia. As an avid traveler, her interest in AFSC’s international programs allowed her through the years to collaborate with diverse staff who still reference her contributions.

As interim regional director in the South, a position twice she filled, Lennon became a stronghold for programs who faced increasing challenges in their work.

The AFSC would like to thank Ann for her unwavering dedication to the organization, especially the South and former Southeast (SERO) regions where as area director of the Carolinas she consistently advocated both for the well-being of youth participants and interns as well as her colleagues, to whom she became a great mentor. Her presence in the AFSC will be irreplaceable.

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