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Homework: Knowing ourselves: Undoing racism as spiritual practice

Assignment, webinar 1

1. If you did not have a chance to watch it before webinar 1, watch Robin DiAngelo’s video "Deconstructing White Privilege."

2. Pay close attention to racial dynamics as you go through your day. Once a week, journal about what you notice and/or comment on the course Facebook page.

3. Once a week watch one of these three spoken word pieces presented by a person of color. Journal and/or comment on the Facebook group about your responses.

a. Lessons on being an African immigrant in America. 

b. FreeQuency, "The 7 Deadly American Sins."

c. I love my undocumented people.  

4. Read Tema Okun/Kenneth Jones article on White Supremacy Culture and reflect in your journal or on the Facebook group.

5. Read Robin DiAngelo’s article on white fragility and reflect on your learnings in your journal and/or on the Facebook group

We encourage you, as you are able, to work on the homework in your small groups. Here are a few questions to reflect on if you gather together to consider the homework.

Questions for facilitator to ask:

What are some of the things that have surprised you or stood out to you in the material so far?

What questions have come up for you? Are there any pieces that you feel any resistance to or discomfort with? 

Which of the qualities described in "White Supremacy Culture" felt like a fit for how you (individually) or our group organize, and why? 

How do these learning impact how we might approach our solidarity work on sanctuary / accompaniment / detention visitation (fill in whatever is appropriate for what your group does)?

Resources for tools presented in webinar 1

Here are some links to resources related to the tools presented in webinar 1

Angels of bread by Martin Espada

Iceberg concept of culture

Intercultural Development Inventory

Oppression matrix 

Download slides from webinar

See also "White Supremacy Culture" article and article on White Fragility above.

This program is a collaboration of the American Friends Service Committee's Sanctuary Everywhere initiative and the UUA and UUSC's Love Resists campaign with partners Church World Service and Freedom for Immigrants (formerly CIVIC).

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