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Homework - The accompaniment model: Philosophy and best practices

Assignments, webinar 2

The accompaniment model:  Philosophy and best practices

Download the Quaker social change ministry manual (the original model was created by UU Ministers Kelly Dignan, Kierstin Homblette, and Deborah Holder and has been adapted by and supplemented to by AFSC).


  1. With your group, do the Companionship/Accompaniment/Followership exercise on page 29. This should take about 30-40 minutes.
  2. With your group, do the Accompaniment exercise on pages 31-39 which uses scenarios to consider accompanying for social change. This should take about 45 minutes.
  3. With your group, read and discuss “The tenets for accompanying for social change” on page 41. This should take 20 minutes or so.

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways is our current justice work aligned with the Companionship/Accompaniment/ Followership approach? Which one does it most closely fit?
  2. In what ways is our current justice work out of alignment with the Companionship/ Accompaniment/Followership approach?
  3. How are decisions made for our group? Who sets the priorities, and who is consulted before those priorities are set? How does this relate to the model?
  4. What thoughts and feelings does this raise for us? Is there anything we’d like to adapt about how we work in order to be in better alignment?
  5. What challenges or barriers might impact our ability to make those changes? How can we be ready for and address those challenges/barriers?


  1. Journal your personal thoughts in response to the Companionship/Accompaniment/ Followership exercise on page 29.
  2. Choose one of the scenarios from pages 31-39 to reflect on more deeply, and take 10 minutes to journal about it. Post your thoughts on the CSCO Facebook page.
  3. Read “The tenets for accompanying for social change” on page 41, and journal your thoughts about the discussion questions (above) in reference to any social justice work you are currently involved in or, if that doesn’t fit, choose something you’ve been involved with in the past.

Individuals are encouraged to do one of these each week for the month of June.

Poem shared during webinar #2, Language is migrant.

This program is a collaboration of the American Friends Service Committee's Sanctuary Everywhere initiative and the UUA and UUSC's Love Resists campaign with partners Church World Service and Freedom for Immigrants (formerly CIVIC).

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