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The Hiroshima Art of Junko Kayashige

"Faces," by Junko Kayashige Photo: Junko Kayashige / AFSC

Watch the slideshow: The Hiroshima Art of Junko Kayashige  

Junko Kayashige Artist Statement

I am a Hibakusha [A-Bomb witness/victim]. When I was six years old, the A-bomb was dropped. I saw the B-29 bomber above my head as was 1.3 kilometers (1 mile) from the
epicenter. I lost my two older sisters, my grandparents, and many of my relatives. When I think about the current world we live in, I am afraid that there is no guarantee
that the world’s nuclear arsenals will not be used. We cannot allow another Hiroshima or Nagasaki, not to mention any ore victims of nuclear testing.

The fervent wish of Hibakusha is to abolish all nuclear weapons. However, it is difficult to describe such feelings through my art work. 

In 2006, I create a series of paintings within the them of “Deterioration”. I am all too aware of my own deterioration, and that nothing lasts forever. In 2008, with a series of paintings depicting large animal figures, I sought to express contradictions in our human society.

In 2009, my these was “deviated viewpoint.” I wanted to depict the foolishness of humans who attempt to solve problems with war and destruction.

In “Sustainability”, I depict the beautify of our blood which flows all around internally and sustains us. I am interested in my internal, inner, self. 

All works are done on canvas with oil paints. 

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The Hiroshima Art of Junko Kayashige
The Hiroshima Art of Junko Kayashige.