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Guide to taking action from Aug. 22 to 26

Community members from New Jersey visited with elected officials in July.  Photo: Carl Roose / AFSC

Use this guide to take action on the detention quota every day throughout the week.

Are you interested in meeting with your members of Congress to ask them to oppose the quota or in setting up an event in your area? We can help you set that up. Email Sam Espinosa for assistance

August 22: Take action online today

Email your members of Congress, and urge them to end the detention quota and support inclusive policies that respect the dignity and rights of all people. 

August 23: Spread the word through social media.

The detention quota is a little-known federal policy that devastates families and communities while lining the pockets of for-profit prison corporations. Raise awareness about this harmful policy among your friends by spreading the word on social media using these graphics

August 24: Keep up the pressure on your elected officials.

Making phone calls to your representatives in Congress sends them a strong message that their constituents are invested in this issue. We'll provide you with information to contact your representative and a script that you can adapt to communicate your concerns.

Do you use Twitter? If so, please also reach out to your member of Congress through social media.  We'll share sample tweets you can use to catch their attention. 

August 25: Use local media to raise awareness in your community

Engaging the media is a crucial step in raising awareness about the detention quota in your community. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today using our online tool. 

August 26: Make a donation of any size to help this work continue.  

It's the last day of the week of action, but our work is far from over!  Please make a donation of any size today to help AFSC continue to advocate for humane immigration policies in the U.S. and support community-based efforts for peace and justice worldwide.

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