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Friends connect with powerful work for peace

Paul Ricketts and Linda Nyaamah Anaabah
Paul Ricketts and Linda Nyaamah Anaabah Photo: / AFSC

 Paul Ricketts, a Friend from Ft. Wayne and a member of the AFSC Midwest Executive Committee, recently traveled to Ghana with the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent. The Fellowship had accepted an invitation from the Hill House Friends Meeting in Accra, Ghana, to join them in worship and fellowship. Check out Paul’s first article about his trip. One of the people Paul met, Linda Nyaamah Anaabah, was a recent participant in AFSC’s Dialogue and Exchange Program. Paul writes:

According to AFSC’s website, the Dialogue and Exchange Program (DEP) seeks to bring together grassroots, civil society, and government to learn, exchange ideas, and collectively solve problems. This approach to international dialogue and exchange is rooted in the belief that solutions can be found within a group’s history, knowledge, culture, and resources. Linda was able to share her experience with fellow youth from 16 countries and from all the 47 counties of Kenya.

She is currently a member and active in Africa Youth peace network that was created during the DEP where young people across Africa are supporting each other to promote peaceful elections. Recently she led over 250 young people across Ghana to campaign for a peaceful election before, during and after the 2016 general election.

Linda is not a Quaker. But she shares our deepest values of seeing the presence of God in all people, as exemplified in the work she is trying to do with young women in Ghana. In our recent trip to Ghana, some members of The Fellowship of Friends of African Descent had the pleasure of meeting with Linda. She is an amazing person doing some powerful work in the name of peace.

Please check out her website and drop her an email for most information. Most of all, please share with your Friends Meeting.


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