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Dr. Joseph Gerson to receive the 5th Annual Haas Award for International Peace and Social Justice

Joseph Gerson at the podium with microphone
Joseph Gerson, AFSC Peace & Economic Security Program Photo: Terry Foss / AFSC

"Disarmament in Light of Humanitarian Need"

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting House, 4th and Arch Streets
6-8 p.m., Oct. 24, 2013

From the Project for Nuclear Awareness:

Dr. Joseph Gerson, a renowned author, activist, and scholar, will be honored for his lifetime dedication to the abolition of nuclear arms. His many publications, his thoughtful analyses, and his tireless, effective advocacy have been a source of global inspiration. As Director of Programs for the Northeast Region and the Director of Peace and Economic Security Program, Dr. Gerson leads the American Friends Service Committee's nuclear disarmament education and program development.

We are also honored to have Dr. Julia Sullivan, President of the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help as our distinguished guest speaker. Dr. Sullivan, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, and has worked for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 22 years, will also speak in the afternoon at the same venue.

The 2nd Annual Eisendrath Award for Youth Advocacy in Nuclear Disarmament will be given in honor of Dr. Craig Eisendrath, co-founder and chairman of Project for Nuclear Awareness, to a young person who has exhibited a commitment to achieving a peaceful world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

This program is presented by Project for Nuclear Awareness and the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia with mutual commitments to a peaceful world. Through our combined efforts, we have a unique opportunity to promote opportunities to promote responsibility for local and global humanitarian needs as alternatives to public spending on nuclear weapons.

Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Gerson will host a private reception at 5 p.m.

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