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Dismantling NSEERS an important symbolic step

The American Friends Service Committee is heartened by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s decision to dismantle the regulatory framework for National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS).

NSEERS was a discriminatory and failed program for registering non-citizens within the U.S. from countries with large Muslim populations. Spokespersons for the Trump team have suggested NSEERS would be used as the basis for their planned Muslim registry.

AFSC along with a coalition of over 200 organizations called on the Obama Administration to dismantle NSEERS in the final days of his administration.

“The American Friends Service Committee is grateful to see that the Obama administration has finally recognized that its failed profiling program needed to be dismantled,” said Amy Gottlieb, AFSC’s Associate Regional Director for the Northeast. “The many years of NSEERS’ targeting of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities led to deep crises in families, unnecessary detention and deportation of individuals, and a tacit acceptance of profiling even with evidence that the program did nothing to actually provide security.”

“Putting an official end to NSEERS is a symbolic yet important step in the right direction,” said AFSC’s Government Relations Manager Raed Jarrar. “The Obama administration should use the last few weeks in office to dismantle other discriminatory surveillance programs such as Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and other similar local policing programs.”

AFSC will continue to pressure the government to end profiling and surveillance programs and work with Muslim communities to defend their rights and liberties.

Photo: Raed Jarrar at Anti-Islamophobia Rally, Washington DC by Dina El-Rifai/AFSC

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