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CSCO 2020 Session 1 resources

Intro session on anti-racist praxis in caucuses: White and BPOC

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves 2020 Session 1 resources

Here are resources from session 1 so that you can facilitate your own class session, work through the homework, and read the People of Color caucus' demands.

Facilitator's Guides from session 1:  Intro session on anti-racist praxis in caucuses - White and BPOC

White caucus facilitator's guide

People of color caucus facilitator's guide

Homework for session 1

If possible, work through these and discuss in groups, if not possible, read and journal about each reading offered here.

Readings and queries to consider before session 2

Demands from People of Color caucus to white participants of the e-course

White folks, please consider these now as part of the homework and ongoingly as we move through the course.

PoC caucus demands of white participants of CSCO


Please join our Facebook group dedicated to this year’s e-course participants, to extend the conversations and stay connected. When you ask to join, please respond to the two questions posed.



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