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CSCO 2020 Homework session 2

Homework for CSCO 2020 Session 2

  • Journal: What ways have you, personally, been implicated in the Prison Industrial Complex or the criminalization of immigration? Reflect on specific examples from your life and within groups you are a part of. What might be done differently to move away from this implication? If you’re part of a group, we invite you to discuss together the ways your organization has been implicated. 

  • Decentering written word as the only place we get expertise

    • Watch Immigrants for Sale, a 2015 documentary about criminalization and the profitization of immigration. Because it is about 5 years old, some of the specific information is outdated, but in general it is still a very good overview. The documentary is about 30 minutes long. We recommend watching it once, reflecting and processing, and then watching again. 

    • Reflect, in your journal or in discussion with your group: What feelings came up while you watched Immigrants for Sale? What was new information for you? 

    • Research: Is there a bill like Arizona’s SB1070 in your state? What is the text of the bill? What implications has it had? What do those in favor of the bill say about it? What do those against the bill say about it? On the other hand, is there a Sanctuary City measure/bill in your city/state? What is the language of the bill, does the measure have teeth?

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