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CSCO 2020 Homework session 1

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves 2020 e-course homework after session 1

Please complete this homework with your group, if possible, before the next session.

For people of color participants: What is internalized racism? by Donna K. Bivens

  • Homework journaling question: How are my personal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors influenced by internalized racism, oppression and/or trauma, and how will that affect my experience in this course?

Pre-work for white participants

Here are links to the pre-work for the white caucus, for your reference or if you did not get a chance to read.

White supremacy culture

White women doing white supremacy in non-profit culture

Reflect on this question: What feelings emerged as you read these articles?

Homework for white participants: we invite you to read the following articles, meet again in your caucus group as a group and reflect on the questions posed.

From white racist to white antiracist: The lifelong journey by Tema Okun

  • Questions: What stood out for you in this article? Where would you self-identify along this continuum? What additional changes/shifts in behavior/thinking does this article support for you? What parts of the article brought up tense responses? What was emerging at those moments?

White Fragility: Why it’s so hard to talk with white people about racism by Robin D’Angelo

  • What resonated with you in this article? What was challenging/hard to receive? What did you learn that you did not understand before? What moved you?

Demands from the PoC group on how to show up in the following sessions.

  • Read these demands out loud if you are in a group, read them with space in between to take them in. What are you grateful for as you listen? What is more challenging? What makes you tense up a bit when you read these? What do you want to know more about? How can the white folks in your group work to hold one another accountable to these demands?