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Closing of Homeless Organizing Project

The American Friends Service Committee announces the closing of its Project HOPE (Homeless Organizing Project) program at the end of 2016.  Popularly known by the name of its publication, the Street Spirit newspaper, this program has fiercely advocated for the rights and dignity of the Bay Area homeless community for 30 years.  The newspaper has provided an income opportunity for its street vendors and served as a platform for homeless people to tell their own stories and advocate around the issues that directly impact them.

We also honor program director Terry Messman for his 30 years of dedicated service to the homeless community.  His work has been a “ministry” in the truest sense of the word.  His passionate and brilliant voice will be missed in AFSC. 

It is fantastic news that Youth Spirit Artworks will be incorporating the Street Spirit newspaper with Terry as editor and the vendor coordination program into their organization structure.  You can see the new Street Spirit webpage at:

Thank you to all the community members, especially Sally Hindman, who made this transition possible.