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Austinites Explore Fair Trade Through Film

Austin Fair Trade Film Festival
From left: Cynthia Waide, Judith Rosenberg, Billy Yeats, Leticia Silva and Tom West at the Alamo Draft House Theater in Austin. Photo: AFSC

The Austin Fair Trade Film Festival was held at the Alamo Drafthouse South on Saturday, May 8 2010. This was an all-day event featuring indoor and outdoor entertainment. The inside film festival featured 3 documentary films followed by panel discussions. One of the films was “Maquilapolis: City of Factories” with a pre-show of Austin Tan Cerca's four-minute promotional video. Josefina Castillo, AFSC Austin Program Coordinator, participated in the panel discussion that followed.

Outside the theater, Austin Tan Cerca shared a table with two new organizations in town - UT Students Against Sweat Shops and Austin Fair Trade Coalition.  This was an exciting venue for us all.  We sold several Women & Fair Trade t-shirts and talked to the public about our quarterly ATCF delegations. Two people who attended the film and saw the ATCF video registered for our next May delegation with ATCF. 

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