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ArteVism Fellows gather, develop social media campaign on voting

Angelina Moreno PVI ArteVism Fellow
Angelina Moreno, PVI ArteVism Fellow Photo: / AFSC

October was a very busy month with strategic plans, reports, proposals and the anticipation of one of the most contentious elections of our times. Nevertheless, we managed to stay focused and carry on with our planned activities.

In-Person gathering

After seven months of virtual meetings, we finally took the chance to bring together in a physical space the ArteVism Fellows and members of their Learning Groups (LGs). It’s remarkable that, despite the fact that the Fellows had not previously met in person and live miles apart, they have developed very strong solidarity ties just through their virtual communications. 

The October gathering provided the opportunity to share a physical space and continue building relationships and planning for the public activities that need to happen toward the closing of the first cycle of the ArteVism Fellowship Program.

Social media campaign on the importance of voting

ArteVism Fellows also developed a social media campaign to provide a platform for Latinx, Indigenous and other youth of color to express why it was important for them to participate in the 2020 elections. This campaign was also intended at motivating youth to get out and vote.

The Fellows developed graphics and crafted the messaging, and Fellows and their LG members shared some of their reasons and aspirations for taking part in the elections. For the Native American participants, it was important to cast their vote, because their ancestors were deprived of this fundamental right.

For others, voting was important so communities of color would not continue to be overlooked. Voting provides hope for a future in which youth of color would be free to walk on the streets without fear of being stopped by the police.

ArteVism fellows also hosted two Facebook Live events in Spanish to provide information on four of the propositions on the ballot. Most people have a hard time understanding how to vote on the propositions.


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