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AFSC speaks out against moving the embassy to Jerusalem

Photo: / AFSC

In response to the announcement that the Trump administration will be recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Michael Merryman-Lotze, Director of AFSC's Palestine-Israel program, issued the following quote:

“The U.S. declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the announced move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem do not change Jerusalem’s status as an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territory under international law. In making this move, the U.S. administration isolates itself internationally, disqualifies itself as an honest broker, makes itself directly complicit in the continuous violation of international law in East Jerusalem, and places new obstacles in the way of efforts to realize a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis.”   

Since 1948 AFSC has worked with Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community to realize a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis. In the United States AFSC works to educate audiences about Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and supports activist efforts to change government policies and corporate/institutional practices that support inequality and the ongoing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. AFSC also supports the implementation of international humanitarian and human rights law in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, promotes implementation of Palestinian refugees’ right of return, and calls for full equality between Palestinians and Israelis.    

Michael is available for interviews, which can be scheduled through AFSC's Media Relations Director at 215-241-7049 or

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