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AFSC joins "Mega Moral Monday" protest at NC General Assembly

AFSC staff, interns and members of New Garden Friends Meeting travel to the NC state capitol to protest regressive policies Photo: Lori Fernald Khamala / AFSC

On Monday June 3rd, with rain clouds threatening overhead, AFSC-NC organized fourteen staff, interns and members of the New Garden Friends Meeting to travel to Raleigh to  join 1,600 others to rally outside the North Carolina Legislature.

The rally was the fifth (5th) “Moral Monday” organized by the North Carolina NAACP, to protest the regressive agenda being pushed through by the radically conservative legislature that cuts access to public education, health care, other social programs, and restricts voting rights. Signs in the crowd included, “Preserve the Racial Justice Act,” “Public Schools Matter,” “Duke Energy is not a constituent,” and “Voter Suppression Destroys Democracy.”

A wide coalition of religious and progressive leaders spoke to the crowd before over 150 people exercised their constitutional right of dissent, and were arrested for entering the NC Legislature where they prayed, sang, spoke, and were a presence advocating a different value system for decision-making.

Jodie Geddes, AFSC-NC intern, reflected that, “It was an inspiring and humbling experience to be in community with dedicated leaders and young people.”

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