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AFSC Cosponsors an Ecumenical Walk for Peace and Justice in Dayton

AFSC Cosponsors an Ecumenical Walk for Peace and Justice in Dayton

Published: April 12, 2018
Good Friday Walk in Dayton 2018 Migwe Kimemia

Migwe Kimemia of AFSC gathers with others in the Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton, Ohio at the start of the annual Good Friday Walk for Justice and Peace.

Photo: AFSC / AFSC Dayton

By Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Dayton Program Director

This is Dayton’s ecumenical Walk for Peace and Justice on Good Fridays of every year. The walk began at the Courthouse Square downtown Dayton and ended at the First Baptist Church of Dayton. (See this TV coverage of the walk.)

As for me, this is a pilgrimage of lifting the voices of the oppressed, the marginalized and the hopeless in our communities. I believe that Christians are called to become authentic witnesses for peace and social justice in the world. I participate in the Walk because I also believe that Christians are called to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Church is particularly called to become the prophetic voice for the voiceless in the world.

“Is the church keeper of the law only and not the image of Jesus who liberated, accepted and embraced the least of these?" asked Rev. Crystal Walker, Executive Director, Greater Dayton Christian Connections. "Have our divisions in religious beliefs and practices kept us from speaking in one voice, the voice of social justice which is the soul of Jesus? Is the church trapped in the new tomb of divisiveness?”