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AFSC brings conflict sensitivity in business to international forum

Chinese scholar is speaking at the event. Photo: AFSC

On November 17, AFSC and QUNO, together with the Peace Nexus Foundation, organised an event at the United Nations on “Conflict Sensitivity in Business: Experiences from China and Southeast Asia” as part of Geneva Peace Week 2015. The event provided an opportunity for Chinese private sector representatives and Southeast Asian civil society representatives to introduce their growing collaboration around piloting new approaches to resolving company - community conflicts and fostering corporate-NGO dialogue. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders around the UN and the Geneva peacebuilding community to learn from AFSC partners and consider how the approaches might be applied in different contexts. The event was moderated by Jason Tower, East Asian Quaker International Affairs Representative for AFSC in Beijing.

Jason Tower of the AFSC also spoke at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, providing a prospective on the relationship between business and peace in Southeast Asia.

For more information on the two events, please follow the links below.

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