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7 Ways to build peace in your community

There are many ways to be a change maker and a peace builder. Here are some opportunities to learn more and engage in building a peaceful and just world, each and every day:

1. Learn about the future of peace building

We know peace works. In fact, we have nearly 100 years of experience to show that peace is more effective than violence. Learn from AFSC’s history in this brand-new, free online video course created in partnership with the United States Institute of Peace.

Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town at South Africa.

2. Share better stories and promote nonviolence, inclusion, and peace

Find some by following our “Media Uncovered” blog, which reframes press coverage of key peace and justice issues. Then, share your thoughts and our tips with your groups in person or on social media.


3. Get inspired by young change makers

Learn about the impact of conflict and discrimination on young people around the world, and about the ways in which young people are addressing conflict to inspire change. And please, share these stories with others on Facebook, Twitter, email, community meetings, or other ways you use. Then, in the discussion that can follow, explore how you can be a change maker, too, in your community. 


4. Join AFSC in endorsing the Vision for Black Lives

Follow their ample resource suggestions and steps to take action on many interrelated issues. We also encourage you to share the vision with your faith and community groups and urge them to endorse the vision and work with us and thousands of others who are trying to foster justice.

 Justice for Freddie Gray rally in Baltimore, MD. Photo: AFSC/Bryan Vana

5. Learn lessons on using grassroots resistance to oppose militarism

Social change is a lifelong process - you can’t retire from your community. Read seven ideas from those who are building peace in their communities – and beyond.

 Humanize Not Militarize demonstration at the National Mall in Washington D.C. Photo: AFSC/Bryan Vana

6. Engage some of the best reading on key justice and peace issues each week

Follow AFSC’s curated best of journalism feature, What We’re Reading, where we select the best on a trending topic each week. These stories can help give you the insights to win over your friends, colleagues, and family members. You can find our recommendations by following us on Facebook or Twitter.


7. Join AFSC’s action alerts

You can find our current action alerts on the Get Involved page, and you can get timely reminders by subscribing to our email activism list.

 AFSC's Governing Under the Influence (GUI) staff and volunteers in Iowa. Photo: AFSC/Jon Krieg

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