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Published: May 31, 2011
rally for immigration rights

Pablo Paredes and young "dreamers" of 67Sueños Project

Josue Rojas

67Sueños, organizing young people's voices for immigration rights, arose from the realization that a majority of undocumented youth would not benefit from "Dream Act" reforms previously debated.  

Coordinator Pablo Paredes of the Pacific Mountain Region's San Francisco office currently mentors a group of seven migrant youth from "mixed status" families.  Participants interview undocumented youth from their schools, communities, and day laborer centers.  They run Encuentros or Gatherings of migrant youth.  

We also have a mural project planned for the summer, a website under construction, and we've received attention from Spanish language media like Univision and ethnic media outlets such as New American Media and ColorLines online magazine.  At our second Encuentro, Josue Rojas of New American Media shot this video, which ran on the front page of ColorLines and cheered the hearts of migrant justice activists across the nation.

Like most AFSC work, 67Sueños has attracted amazing allies: a UC Davis design class is working on the web page.  Artist Josue Rojas is helping with the mural.  Maria Mejia, our intern from Mills College, has helped so much happen.  Mujeres Unidas Y Activas and Arise High School have graciously donated spaces for us to host events; Met West and Emiliano Zapata High Schools have hosted audio recordings.  The StoryCorps Project has collaborated to record and preserve oral histories of over 20 undocumented youth.  And a wonderful artist at Native Graphix has supported printing T-shirts for our project.