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Violence cannot solve violence in Syria

Violence cannot solve violence in Syria

Published: April 13, 2018

Syrian children seeking refuge in Europe. 

Photo: AFSC / Photo: AFSC / Giovanna Negretti

The U.S. is again striking Syria after years of direct and indirect engagement in the Syrian war. The American Friends Service Committee therefore finds it necessary to repeat our position that it is not possible to end violence with more violence.

Escalating U.S. military presence in Syria only puts more civilians and children - whose movement out of conflict zones has been restricted - in jeopardy and does not move us closer to an end to the war.

Instead of bombing, the U.S. and other actors must uphold the human rights of Syrians and invest in political solutions.

Rather than further entrenching the conflict in Syria and threatening regional security, all nations should agree to an immediate arms embargo. Military assistance should be halted to all armed groups and government forces involved in the war.

In addition, the U.S. and the international community should support multilateral negotiations that reflect the will of the Syrian people and include their voices and demands.

Flooding the country with arms and increasing strikes and troops only increases violence on the ground. No violence is acceptable. The international community has a responsibility to protect civilians and work together to bring the conflict to an end.

AFSC reiterates its opposition to violence and calls again for non-military steps to end the Syrian war. Only then can the people of Syria live in safety and peace.