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Small group agenda to support learning from session 2 of Radical Acting in Faith

Small Group Agenda to support learning from session 2

Determine a facilitator and time keeper

  1. Gathering silence

  2. Check-in: Name & something from last Thursday that has really stayed with me . . . 

  3. Discussion: when you notice yourself resisting, what are the behaviors you commonly act out? How do or don’t these behaviors support you in really listening to BIPOC people? What strategies have you found to counteract resistance-based reactions in yourself?

  4. Discussion: What resonated with you in the Tenets of accompaniment for social change? Where did you feel more resistance?

  5. How did you go about finding out what BIPOC leadership wants from community engagement in your community? What did you learn?

  6. Closing - you can do this as a go-around or worship-sharing: What is a goal you have for yourself in the next two weeks either about embodiment or changing a pattern of resistance? How can the members of your small group support you in reaching this goal?