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Social Justice Leadership Institute

Philadelphia Program

AFSC’s Social Justice Leadership Institute was created in 2017 to help young people develop as leaders in the Philadelphia area.

Through youth-centered, trauma-informed trainings and gatherings, we work with young people to:

  • Understand and analyze systems of oppression.
  • Hone their skills to organize campaigns and build movements for social change.
  • Cultivate a network to maximize their impact on issues locally and nationally.
  • Plan and develop social justice campaigns to strengthen the communities they live in.

Partner Highlights

To see a complete list of our program partners, click here.

Sankofa Freedom Academy

Curtis Davis of Sankofa Freedom Academy discusses Sankofa FEEDS and the Aspen Challenge Experience.

Youth from Sankofa Freedom Academy

Sankofa Freedom Academy

Youth from Sankofa Freedom Academy discuss Sankofa FEEDS and the Aspen Challenge Experience.

Mural Arts Program presentation

Mural Arts Program

Rodney Camarace of the Mural Arts Program presenting arts education and the Monument Lab.

Youth Advisory Council

SJLI's Youth Advisory Council "YAC" is an ever evolving group of young people who have participated in SJLI trainings and provide consistent feedback, suggestions, and improvements to SJLI staff and consultants.  YAC members directly impact curriculum development, outreach, training styles, and more.  YAC members are dedicated individuals with experience in social justice and youth program work from all around the Philadephia region.  Current YAC members include: Ruja Ballard, Jada Elder-Wilkerson, Damon Hopewell, and Justin Jacobs.

Youth Council profile

My City

A poem from inaugural SJLI meeting.

Youth Council profile

Art and Activism

Jada gives a speech on art and activism.

Upcoming Event

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
SJLI February 2018 BiMonthly Gathering