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Sanctuary in colleges

Sanctuary in colleges

Across the country, colleges and universities are creating sanctuary for students on campus in a range of ways—from organizing events to stand against racism and bigotry to enacting policies to protect undocumented students from deportation. 

Students, educations, administrators, and other staff can all play a role to promote safe, welcoming spaces for all.

Here are some steps your college can take.  

1. Read how Trump administration policies could affect immigrant students.

Check out this issue brief from the American Council on Education, which looks at sanctuary campuses, institutional or community assistance, and students who are DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients.

Read "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff," compiled by United We Dream, National Immigration Law Center, Own the Dream, and the American Federation of Teachers. 


2. Organize a student-led action to call for sanctuary on campus.

Use this resource to organize a student walkout, occupation, or other demonstration to advocate for school policies that protect all students.

Developed by Cosecha, this step-by-step guide offers tips on planning, promotion, event-day logistics, and sustaining engagement among participants. 


3. Urge your college to pass a "campus safe zone" resolution.

Help immigrant students and their families feel safe on campus, and send a clear message that they belong in the school community. 

Check out this resource from the National Immigration Law Center, which has developed policy language for colleges and university that are contemplating adopting protections for their immigrant students. Protections include limiting the sharing of student and family information with federal immigration authorities and restricting immigration agents' access to campuses.

Visit the Alto Trump campaign to see how other schools, including Columbia University and the University of California, have acted to establish themselves as safe spaces. 

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