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Sanctuary in cities

Sanctuary in cities

More than 350 cities, counties, and other jurisdictions have enacted policies prohibiting local officials from doing things like asking people about their immigration status, holding people so Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can detain them, or sharing information with ICE. We've also seen progress in ending discriminatory police practices, such stop and frisk, broken windows policing, and racial profiling. 

Police and other community members have pushed for these policies because it's crucial that everyone in the community, regardless of immigration status, be able to trust local officials and service providers.

Here are some resources to urge your city to create safer communities for all residents. 

1. Learn more about sanctuary cities in the U.S.

Find out more about how cities and counties can lawfully provide sanctuary for immigrants to keep families together and safe. 

"Searching for Sanctuary: An Analysis of America's Counties & Their Voluntary Assistance with Deportations," by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

"Expanding Sanctuary: What Makes a City A Sanctuary Now?," Mijente

"NJ shouldn’t bow to fed demands on immigration," Daily Record. AFSC's Kimberly Krone writes about why local governments should not collaborate with Immigration Customs and Enforcement.



2. Look at model policies from sanctuary cities.

Watch our webinar recording "Creating sanctuary policies in cities and schools" to learn about successful efforts across the country.

Providence, Rhode Island and Boulder City, Colorado are two examples of cities that have enacted sensible policies that promote safety for all community members.

Read how Providence succeeded in pushing for the Community Safety Act, one of the country's most progressive ordinances on policing. 

Community members in Denver, Colorado are also now advocating for a strong sanctuary ordinance

Check out these cities' policies, which should serve as models for other locations considering similar legislation. 


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